About Us

About Us

The Cardinal Activity Booster Club has a primary function of raising funds and promoting community events and activities for the purpose of serving the Gainesville High School student body and surrounding community.  Supporting the school and community programs to provide opportunities for the students of the high school is the basic goal behind every function and operating cost that the organization takes on in an annual schedule of activities.  This narrative serves as the basis for what the organization plans to accomplish year to year in service to the school community.


Fundraising is the largest program of operations that the organization will undertake.  Fundraising activities will include all of the following (but not limited to):

This program allows for the organization to team up with local and surrounding businesses to acquire donations and service-oriented support in exchange for outreach and exposure opportunities within our large school events and advertising avenues to help promote the sponsor’s business, service and products to our surrounding community and visiting guests.  The partnerships can include donations made to the non profit organization or a service to the organization’s events and annual programming in exchange for outreach opportunities and advertisement to the community on behalf of the business.  The CABC will review the partnership agreement on an annual basis as the infrastructure and technology changes in order to better serve and support the partnership agreement.  All funds allocated to the CABC will be used for operating expenses to all the organization’s programs and their operating expenses as well as the annual expenses for the organization itself.

This program operating function is a food service operation that will consist of supply acquisition and sales within our school concession stands for large scale events (ex. Games, tournaments, social events, performances, community events).  The organization will solicit contracts for service providers for the purposes of supply acquisition (ex. Pepsi Cola, US Foods etc..) as well as use local stores to help supply the service and facility.  Staffing will occur on a volunteer basis from the organizations cooperating community members and students.

This program is about the retail sales of merchandise to the community and visitors both in an online sales store platform(s) as well as the use of the in-school store for event merchandise sales on a periodic basis.  The organization itself will be responsible for the acquisition and promotion of the sales ventures and will also use sponsoring vendors to provide the service of products that will be sold annually.  The organization will also be responsible for setup and distribution costs to the endeavor as well as inventory of stock to the supply.

This program outlines detailed seasonal large fundraising projects and events that will take place annually within the organization.  Details surrounding the ventures will outline a service provided to the community through the activity (ex.  Spring Mulch Sale – to include delivery and potential application of product to the customer or fall golf tournament – to create a golfing opportunity to community at a local course with entry).  The annual schedule of events will be reviewed by the organization on a yearly basis to change and adjust with the current climate of the community and school.  Events will only be put in place upon voting approval of the organization cooperating membership in accordance with the by-laws procedure of approval.

CABC Board Member

President – Samone Slaughter [email protected]

Vice President – Shelly Buttery – [email protected]

Secretary -Cheryl Boruff – [email protected]

Treasurer – Jim Weinschenk – [email protected]

Concessions Chair – Tania Armstrong – [email protected]

Spirit Wear Chair – Lori Bach – [email protected]

Sponsorship Chair – Jeremy Sachs – [email protected]

Communications Chair – Chrissy Desir – [email protected]

General Member Meeting Minutes

2022 - 2023 School Year