Volunteer with Us

The Cardinal Activity Booster Club has a primary function of raising funds and promoting community events and activities for the purpose of serving the Gainesville High School student body and surrounding community. 

Parent Volunteers

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Concessions Support

Parent volunteers are what makes our organization work. Throughout the year we are always looking for parents to work concessions, special events at the school, and even off-site fundraisers like our golf tournament.

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Fundraising Committee(s)

Each year we try and host major fundraisers that benefit all the sports and activities we support. To host and plan these events are always in need of parents to be part of our committees.

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Board Membership

In order for anything to happen we need board members.  Board members are elected and responsible for ensuring that CABC is up and running to support the students and athletes of the school. Being a board member is a commitment but a rewarding one.

Student Volunteers

In addition to providing ways for parents to support, we also allow for student volunteers. Students are welcome to sign up and work events in earn community service hours or even to support their own sports/activities.

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